Hola People! We are the Carfixers, and we are a group of car enthusiasts here to help you with all your car queries – right from maintenance to issue resolution. Got a car problem? Worry not. We will help you solve it. Want to make sure your car keeps running smooth for years and years? Worry not. We will tell you just what you need to maintain it in top condition. Confused on whose advice to take, whom to approach for your queries? Well, worry not! We will guide you through all your confusions with our simple, practical and honest advice so that the next time you have any question about your car, you know just the place to look for the answers. We are the Carfixers and this is our blog.

Starting this week, we will be posting 2 articles each week to give you expert opinions on the questions you may have always wondered about, but haven’t found the answers to. We will tell you all about cars – how to maintain them, how to solve typical problems, how to solve atypical problems, what to do in case of a car breakdown, how your car talks to you, how you can get the best out of your car and much more! So keep reading, and keep getting more from your car, each day.

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