Is your car monsoon ready ?

Check on these few points and then enjoy hassle free monsoon drives.

Monsoon car care tips which will help you to check specific points in the car which are prone to failure during monsoons causing car breakdown and accidents -

No one likes to get stuck due to a broken down car in the middle of the road and to make it worse during heavy showers of rain. People who have experienced being in such a situation can only understand the pain of going through a car breakdown situation during rain. It is always preferable to be proactive and avoid such a situation by checking on the required maintenance of the car before rain hits the city.


Imagine if we overlooked on certain points of car maintenance before the monsoon, which will increase the chances of a breakdown situation for a car as monsoon only worsens the working environment for the car to function normally.

Following are the points in the order of priority which must be checked in order to make the car monsoon ready and break down free .

1. Any pending maintenance or service related job which you have been procrastinating needs to be done before the monsoon sets in. Now is the right time to spend on necessary car maintenance jobs.

E.g – Brake job, clutch job, battery, etc.

2. If the car service is due in a month or so after the monsoon starts then get it done immediately before the monsoon starts. This will not harm the vehicle. Also along with the regular service jobs the workshop people will check the extra points which are necessary to make the car ready for the monsoon. Any irregularity in the car will be found out and fixed during service thus reducing chances of any breakdown situation during rainy days.


3. Never procrastinate a clutch job or a weak battery. One never knows when either of these two might ditch us on a rainy day.

Symptoms of Clutch Failure – If you feel the clutch pedal movement has become hard, or the pedal is easy to push and it does not retract or a burning kind of smell inside the cabin from gearbox side, it indicates that the clutch plate has worn out and it needs replacement.

Symptoms of Weak Battery – 1)Engine cranks but does not start 2)No crank, no start and no light  3)one day it starts and next day it does not.

Observe and sense any of these symptoms & get the required repair job done before the monsoon sets in.

If we neglect the symptoms – (Clutch) Driving during the monsoon with weak clutch or battery will only make the condition worse for the clutch and battery & cause early breakdown of the car. In monsoon there is bumper to bumper traffic so clutch will be used a lot which will cause the weak clutch to fail early.

(Battery) – During monsoon, the car remains cold & as a result during morning cold starting the car will require extra energy from the battery to start for the first time         during the day. Using up more power from the already weak battery will cause the         battery to fail early in the monsoon season.

4. One should get the wiper blades replaced every two years for better cleaning of the windshield & hence better visibility. Wiper blades are not so expensive and blades can be replaced in a very short time.


5. Tyres – If the tyre tread depth has reduced & tyre surface has become flat as shown in the figure , it indicates that tyres have worn out and it wont be effective in its function of holding the grip of the road while rolling smoothly.tyres

In rainy season, roads are wet and slippery & if such tyres are not changed then               it may lead  to skidding and aquaplaning thus increasing the chance

(Note :Aquaplaning – A tyre travelling through water pushes a wave ahead of it. In order for a tyre to perform properly on a wet surface, it must be able to disperse the water in the tyre tread depth to restore dry contact. The presence of too much water can make your vehicle lose contact with the road surface.)


Also if any tyre is giving a lot of problems like it gets punctured lot many times then its better to replace it before the monsoon starts. Changing a flat tyre during rains is not what anyone wants.

6. BrakesIf you have been experiencing ineffective brakes or something abnormal about brakes like noise upon braking, carbon deposition around brakes, discs and alloy wheels then it needs to be checked at authorized workshops. Brake caliper pin lubrication is necessary before monsoon starts. Brake pads if below permissible thickness need to be replaced.


Braking is required more and in an effective way during monsoon season & any weakness in the brakes during rainy season will only increase the chances of accidents.

7. Electrical connectionsIf you find any electrical connections damaged or some wires eaten by rodents then please get it repaired, taped, covered & tightened before the monsoon starts. Because in wet weather electrical connections if loose will damaged further, contacts will get rusted causing less contact area and thus failure.


8. LightsCheck whether all the light bulbs are working properly (Headlight, tail light, reverse light, indicator lights, etc.)Company does provide couple of spare bulbs with the car. Periodically check the condition of the spare bulbs and replace them if found damaged or expired.


9. Door Hinges & latch lubrication – During monsoon door hinges start making squeaky noise as the old lubrication layer is washed off in rains. One can easily get lubrication grease and WD-40 solution in any hardware store. During monsoon door hinges and latches tend to become dry and can also start to rust due to over exposure to moisture and wetness around. Appropriate lubrication will reduce the squeaking noise significantly and will prevent rusting near hinges and latches. Fresh grease and other lubrication substances repel water thus protecting rubbing surfaces from rusting.


10. Fuse One should always keep spare fuses of different amperes in the car. It hardly costs anything but one realizes its importance when we need it during car breakdown situation on a rainy day.


11. Body Polish – During monsoon the paint of the car starts to dull or sometimes even peels off from certain areas. In city and industrial area where pollution levels are high, rain contains contaminants which destroys the luster of the car paint thus making it look dull and in worst cases peels off at certain areas.

One should get wax polish done to the car before the monsoon starts. This layer of               wax on car surface protects the car as well as rain water will trickle down even               more smoothly and thus won’t get in touch with actual paint surface thus                         saving the paint and its shine.


12. Floor Mattings – During monsoon, textile floor mats should be replaced with rubber floor mats for couple of months as they do not soak water and get dirty easily. Wet and muddy textile mats then start giving out foul odor inside the cabin and cleaning the mats becomes a difficult task. Rubber mats on the other hand solves both these problems. Also rubber mats are cheaper than textile mats.

mattingscar mats

13. Miscellaneous Items which one might require in the car during monsoon season–Other useful items which needs to kept in the car for emergency help are – a                     torch light, a small hammer, first-aid kit (very imp), a spare umbrella, fuses and             light bulbs.

14. Last but not the least everyone in the family who drives the car should make a note of the Roadside Assistance helpline number provided by the manufacturer. In case of an accident or break down situation people panic and that time roadside assistance number will help you sail through the problem smoothly.


Now, drive out and enjoy the rains.