Q. Whenever I sit in my car & switch ON the AC some kind of foul smell starts        emitting. What is the root cause for this and I can I fix it ?


Ans – There can be many factors which can cause foul smell inside the cabin of the car. From our experience we list down the probable factors causing this and then by observation root cause can be found out.

  • Sometimes when the car is passing by an area such as garbage dumping ground or sewage or a heavy vehicle throwing smoke passes by the side and if the car AC is not on re-circulation mode then there are chances of outside smell entering inside the cabin with the fresh air. Try and switch on the AC re-circulation mode as ON and see the difference.


  •   One more reason for foul smell could be the decaying AC pollen filter which has not been replaced on time or due to over usage has decayed before time. After certain period of usage, the AC pollen filter loses its efficiency. As a result sometimes it gets damp & starts degrading. The air coming inside passes through the filter and if the filter has become damp with dust it will start giving out foul smell which ultimately mixes with the air entering the car cabin. Whenever car goes for servicing or any other repair job, get the AC filter checked, cleaned and replaced if necessary.


  •  In some cases, texture of the seat covers or floor matting could be the reason for foul smell inside the car.In countries like India generally the average temperature remains slightly on the warmer side, and people are normally sweaty when they get into the car. Due to this continuous process the seat covers remain damp and do not get dry if not parked in open space with windows open. Now some of the non-genuine fancy seat cover texture is such that due to continuous impact of seat and dampness it starts giving out foul smell which becomes very difficult to trace. Though this is a very rare and a one off case this could be a reason for foul smell inside the car.Always buy genuine seat covers from authorized car dealers and periodically one should get the car cleaned from inside as well and make it a practice to keep the car under sunlight with doors and windows open to allow seat covers and floor matting to dry.