Transformations in transportation to look out for… – (Focus on Electric Unicycle)

Transportation will go through a major sea of changes in the near future. And what’s more – the change will not be as smooth as the industry has already started to experience some new categories which may turn out to be the game changers. Transportation industry pioneers have already invested heavily in the traditional forms and are investing more in the same to expand and meet the growing needs of the people. Yet, alongside there is this new breed of technology entrepreneurs who believe that in a couple of years from now they are going to change the way people will transport themselves.


Some are thinking huge like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop and SpaceX, while on the other hand there are innovations springing up in all categories such as electric cars, electric skate board, electric unicycles, etc. In the western part of the world most of the products are already in production, in fact electric cars are already on roads and running! Constant work will go on to make these products more and more viable for day-to-day application purposes. Nonetheless, we are not far away from the time when our kids will be using electric unicycles to go to schools. Looking at the pace of the advances in this category, products right from the concept stage to the production stage, we are quite positive that we will not have to wait too long to get an affordable and viable modern vehicle for day-to-day commute. The only thing standing between such products and the consumers will be infrastructure, traditional car & bike makers & political environment.


What are these products and how do they function ?

Electric unicycle -

Let us consider electric unicycle and try and understand its pros and cons.

An electric unicycle is a gyro stabilized cycle which offers a unique and fun way to travel short distances and avoid traffic.


An electric unicycle is a one wheel cycle with a lithium battery, electric motor, accelerometers and gyroscopes. Electric unicycle works on the principle of inverted pendulum system and principle of gyroscope. We will discuss the mechanics and working principles for electric unicycle in detail in our next post.

Unicycles look difficult to ride initially. But with little practice and guidance one can manage to ride it satisfactorily in a very short span of time. It moves forward when the rider leans forward and it decelerates when the rider leans backwards. Lean sideways to take a turn. It has a max speed of around 18 Km/ hr generally and it weighs approximately 10-12 Kgs. All models roughly take around same charging time which is around 90 minutes. A fully charged electric unicycle can cover a distance of approximately 23 Kms. With constant innovation and work going on in this field will change the numbers mentioned above only to improve.



 How are these products going to change our lives ?

How convenient will be our short distance travel if we start using electric unicycles in our day to day life. Riding on the electric unicycle will give us the feel of floating in our own magic carpet. Its light weight makes it suitable to be carried along with us all the time. Charging time equals to that of charging a mobile phone…ok few minutes more than a mobile phone…but that’s not bad.

How practical it is in a country like India, that only time will tell because there are many factors which will affect the spread of this unicycle culture in our country. First problem would be infrastructure. The roads are not enough for the cars and buses where is the place to ride a unicycle and the road conditions only discourages more. Then there can be other problems like safety issues, opposition from bike and cycle manufacturers, political concerns, etc.

Future awaits a number of such cool gadgets for transportation. Electric unicycle is one of them and it is here to stay. We can imagine our kids using this gadget to solve their problem of short distance transportation without much hassle.

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