Introduction to Driverless Cars -

Always dreamt of a chauffeur driven car? How about letting your car itself give it a shot?

The Autonomous Cars or the Robotic Car or the Self Driven Car is the vision many car companies have for our future. And now, the vision is not just a dream. See for yourself – meet Mr Junior – the robotic Volkswagen.


But hold on. If you thought this concept was the novel innovation of the 21st century, then you are about to be proven wrong. The first auto driven car was introduced when you were perhaps a kid and even a fully manual car was a dream for the Indian industry. At such a time, CMU & AVL’s project and Mercedes-Benz &  Bundeswehr University Munich’s EUREKA Prometheus project were the pioneers of bringing this vision to life. And since then there has been no looking back.

Today’s advanced autonomous cars have evolved significantly. They use enhanced technologies like radar, GPS, lidar and computer vision. They come with control systems capable of interpreting sensory information and can take decisions on best navigation paths, detect obstacles on the path and follow signals!

As of today, the autonomous cars have been legalised in four states in the US. However, its journey so far has not been very smooth. Unfortunately, these autonomous cars have been the centre of controversies ever since their launch. Incident involving Google driverless car being rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light have piqued interest of critics who question the safety of these cars.

To answer back, car companies keep coming up with newer innovations to improve safety, introduce new features to excite consumers and lobby hard to get the legislations passed. As to when these cars will come down to India – only time will tell. Until then – here are some images to keep you hooked. Happy dreaming!

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