Squeaky noise from car door hinges and door seals

Car doors are supported and operate on hinges.  Over a period of time the original lubrication dries out and the door locks and hinges start giving out squeaky noise on operation giving you a feeling that you are in a Ramsay Movie. It can end up scaring your date and you wont be called for some coffee or me later. To avoid getting cock-blocked by your car door,  every time the car goes for servicing please mention that lubrication of all doors needs to be done.

seal1 seal2


If you are the get-your-hands-dirty kinda man, which means you are also a real man, you can do also manage to keep the squeaky hinges lubricated from time to time.

Following are the parts which contain hinges and latches and which might start giving metal to metal kind of noise once the lubrication dries out. These parts need to be kept lubricated to enhance its life and for smooth noiseless operation.

  1. Door hinges
  2. Door latch
  3. Fuel lid hinge
  4. Hood hinges
  5. Hood latch
  6. Boot hinges
  7. Boot latch

Lubricating these parts for say 2 times in a year will save you a lot of time, hassle of dealing with a garage and will also be easy on your pocket. It does not take much time but yeah you will have to dirty your hands, but let me tell you a little secret, nothing turns a women on like the smell of grease on a man. Okay I am kidding, always take a shower before meeting her.

hinge2 keyhole

Following inexpensive lubricating materials will be required which anyone can get at a normal hardware shop or auto ancillary / accessories shop.

  • White Lithium Grease
  • WD-40
  • Silicone spray

Lithium Grease – This grease is to be applied at metal to metal joints like door hinges and latches. The function of this grease is to act as a lubricating agent providing smooth movement of the parts and to stay there for a long time and repel water.

WD – 40 – This spray is easily available at any hardware shop. It is used as corrosion resistant and for light duty lubrication. Fuel lid hinges experiences salty environment most of the times making it weak if not paid attention  and so it should be sprayed with WD-40 for say 3-4 times in a year. This will prolong the life of fuel lid hinge.

FH05DJA_LUBJOB_02 hood_latch_wd40

Silicone Spray – It is used on door rubber seal and window rubber strips to reduce noise from doors while the car is in motion, to prevent sticking of windows with the window strips and to keep the movement of windows smooth.

If you do this, that date will truly end up in tea coffee or me situation. All the best!