Q. I have recently noticed that when I use the side indicators for signaling, the indicator cluster that used to blink at a normal speed now blinks really fast. What might be the reason for this?

While taking a turn we always use left or right turn signal indicator. On either side there are at least 3 bulbs – one in headlight unit, one in tail light unit and one in fender (in some cars ORVM also have turn signal light fitted in them). Every time the driver pulls the lever of the combination switch to switch ON the left or right turn signal lights on the exterior, driver sitting inside can also see on the instrument cluster the rhythm in which the lights are blinking on the outside. When both the side indicator bulbs are working properly, the instrument cluster will show blinking light to the driver at a normal rate. However when one of the indicator bulbs has failed, the circuit is so designed that on the outside the remaining working bulbs will glow at normal rate but inside the car, on the display the rhythm of the indication light will become faster, informing the driver to have a look at them and check which bulb is not working. Tend to the bulbs and change the faulty ones and you will find the blink rate of turn signal indication on the display inside return to normal.

This obviously is a smart way to let the driver know something is not right with the indicator lights and needs attention.


Turn signal lights are the same lights which are also used for giving hazard light indication. From safety point of view, it is very important that all the bulbs are working in a car before you take it for a drive.

Drive safe.